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This site is dedicated to entertainment, movies, sci-fi, comics, and gaming memoribillia.

We're also fans of the products we sell. We watch movies and TV ourselves, and we wear and drink out of and play with our own products. We're a varied group of folks, and so many different shows and movies and other media interests are represented in our employees alone.

We believe in our quality products. We are adamant about making sure that whatever we offer for sale is the finest licensed merchandise available on the market.

We are committed to the quality of our products and the quality of our service. Our customer service department receives compliments daily. But our products and our service are only as good as they are good for you. And that's why we welcome feedback, and why we take time with every customer and make sure that every email and phone call gets answered.

When we make mistakes, we fix them. We aim to distinguish ourselves with the best personal service you can find on the net!

TeG strives for accuracy on this site, and attempts to always accurately display product price, availability and description. However, sometimes errors occur. In the event of an error in product price, availability, description or other material detail, TeG reserves the right to cancel any order placed, limit quantities or substitute a substantially similar product. Of course you always have a 30 day no questions asked return option.

For a full refund or store credit, please return your products to us within 30 days of when you receive them. Return products by United States Postal Service only, and in original condition, which means no washed clothing and no opened videos or cds (original shrink wrap must be in place.) If you're an international customer, you may use your own country's postal service. We'd appreciate it if you could include a note saying why you're returning your order so we can improve our products and services. But no explanation is necessary. Any reason that's good enough for you is good enough for us.


The eMarket Group, Ltd
6635 North Baltimore, Suite 202
Portland, OR 97203


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Gorilla Nation Studio Store, entertainment, movies, sci-fi, comics, and gaming memoribillia



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