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3balls has been in business since 1998, but if you want the whole story, you've got to go back a ways, 20 years back to be specific. In 1981 two very good friends Joe Ricci and Leigh Bader arrived at a run down 9 hole golf course in South Easton, MA. The pro shop was an unimpressive 290 square feet. (About the size of a large living room).

Determined to make their dream of golf course ownership a reality, the two pitched in their savings of $2,000 each, bought a little inventory, hung an "open" sign and with those humble beginnings, Joe & Leigh's Discount Golf Pro Shop at The Pine Oaks Golf Course was born.

Thinking of the pro shop as a toy store and the golf course as an amusement park helped them grow the business. (to say the least) Today Joe & Leigh's is an 8,000 square foot pro shop that has been honored to win numerous national awards, including making the list of Golf Digest's GolfWorld Business Top 100 Pro Shops in America TEN times over! And Leigh's been named the PGA of America National Merchandiser of the Year 2002 an impressive career second! He was honored in 1995 as well

3balls headquarters is a large mixed-use facility in Raynham, MA. where our staff of 20 handle all order processing, fulfillment and customer service to support 3balls sales. (whether through our own website or on eBay). In addition to the warehouse fulfillment facility, visitors will find the core 3balls management team, (see bios in cast of characters) in- house creative and a one of a kind retail/showroom/ gallery experience.

Ok, so what about the name? Well if you look carefully at the Joe & leigh's Swap Shop sign near the top of the page, you'll see in the corner there are 3 glass globes hanging behind the vintage golfer. Those 3 balls (get it?) are the universal symbol of traditional pawn shops and the inspiration for 3balls.com.

We stand behind every item that we sell and will do everything possible to assure that you're satisfied. We also happen to be an authorized factory warranty fulfillment center for all of the brands that we represent. Should your club be damaged through defect or otherwise, we'll be happy to facilitate replacement or repair for you. We do take great care in describing the condition of our products accurately. If you receive your club(s) and feel that the condition is not consistent with our representation, please let us know immediately (within 3 days of receipt), and we'll do our best to make you happy. If we're unable to, just pay to ship the item(s) back*, and we'll fully refund your original purchase price. It's that simple! Please be aware that all items purchased in new condition and then used (even once) are not returnable.


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