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Named for the 59th minute, Site59 is the industry leader in technology and creative content for last-minute online travel. We use our premier packaging technology to continuously locate unsold airline seats, hotel rooms, rental cars and other inventory and assemble them into dynamic, real-time packages available for online purchase up to hours before departure.

Launched in May 2000, Site59 provides one-stop shopping for spontaneous, affordable weekend Getaways—saving you valuable time and money. All the research and planning that makes the travel experience complete is done for you, so you can get away at a moment's notice and trust that you're getting a great deal.

Site59 works with a variety of trusted travel providers and our patent-pending technological platform to continuously locate unsold airline seats, hotel rooms and rental cars--assembling them into dynamic, real-time, "guaranteed available when you see them" packages.

Available in real time and we pass the savings of lower costs on to you. We do the research and the planning -- going beyond the ordinary to find hidden gems, amazing adventures and insiders' tips and answering the question "Why now?" -- so you have the perfect excuse to get away today!

Site59® was launched in May 2000 by travel and tourism professionals from The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and was further developed and backed by iFormation Group, a partnership between BCG, Goldman Sachs and General Atlantic Partners. In March 2002, Site59 was acquired by, the most popular travel site on the Web, and is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Travelocity.

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