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Shop Lillian Vernon for great gifts, toys and kids decor, holiday decorations, household and gardening items and more, all at exceptional values. Many products are EXCLUSIVE and PERSONALIZATION IS ALWAYS FREE!

Lillian Vernon Corporation is a leading 52 year-old national catalog and online retailer that markets gift, housewares, gardening, seasonal, and children's products. We publish seven catalog titles: Lillian Vernon, Rue de France, Christmas Memories, Favorites, Lilly's Kids, Sales and Bargains, and Personalized Gifts. The catalogs average 96 pages with over 700 products in each edition. Lillian Vernon is well known for offering unique merchandise with exceptionally good values.

Lillian Vernon was a pioneer in offering personalization free-of-charge, a Company trademark. With one of the largest personalization departments in America, we eliminate the customary four to six week delay associated with personalized merchandise. Personalized products allow our customers to make a personal statement at a reasonable cost.

According to an Opinion Research poll, more than 39 million Americans are familiar with the Lillian Vernon name. During the past five years, the Lillian Vernon logo has appeared on 878 million catalogs, 28 million shipping boxes and 93 million products. Lillian Vernon has become a household name, recognized as part of popular American culture and featured on numerous television programs including David Letterman, Conan O'Brien, Jeopardy, Saturday Night Live, The Daily Show, Northern Exposure and Roseanne.

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