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DietWatch is a leading virtual center for professional counseling in the weight management arena. We provide nutrition eCounseling services that revolutionize the way people manage their weight, both offline and online! Together with the use of the Internet, it creates an efficient dieting market place in a category where no such efficient market place has existed before. We offer nutrition counseling - Personal eCounseling through a sophisticated expert system. Our services are fee-based and are monthly programs. Our site provides robust tools to manage real-time information about your eating and exercise habits using an online diary and a nutrition calculator. The interactive nature of our tools, along with original content and professional support has enabled DietWatch to become the stickiest site in the nutrition, fitness and healthcare marketplaces. is the ultimate platform to manage ANY diet and fitness plan online. The company provides highly interactive tools (e.g., interactive nutrition and exercise calculator), community support, and extensive information to allow consumers to manage their diet/fitness plan of their choice. 
Counting Carbs - Calories? - DietWatch Diet PlannerŪ Can Help! Forbes Web Award Winner.