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David's Cookies, manufacturers of gourmet fresh baked cookies for over 20 years, invites you to visit and shop at their online gift store. Fresh baked cookies(19 flavors), ruggalach, brownies and crumbcake are some of the choice delectables featured. A Cookie-Of-The-Month-Club, gift baskets and frozen dough provide you with some interesting alternatives. Greeting cards are complimentary and free shipping is offered on all products. 

Back in 1979, in imitation of the fad for fresh-baked cookie shops along the west coast, David, a New York City chef with a winning cookie recipe, decided to start a small cookie-shop business of his own.

Chef David, trained in the finest French culinary academies, began mixing and tasting; using only the finest, all natural, ingredients - pure vanilla, butter, Swiss chocolate and whole nuts, he achieved his anticipated result; a uniquely delicious cookie that looked and tasted “just like mamma made!"

David was ready to open his very first cookie shop! Passers by quickly fell in love with the funny shaped cookies, which were always fresh from the oven and loaded with chunks (not chips!) of chocolate. Fame and fortune came David’s way; he won many awards for his fabulous cookies including the NY Newsday Cookie Award for the Best Chocolate Chunk Cookie!

By the mid 1980's David's Cookies had flourished and grown at remarkable speed from a small store in Manhattan to a semi-international franchise organization with over 250 cookie shops in many different countries!

With rising operating costs in the late 1980's, David's Cookies continued with its evolution and placed it’s feelers into the food service and co-branding industries. David's Cookies was purchased by Fairfield Gourmet Foods a New Jersey based cookie manufacturing company, also known as “Cookie Cupboard”. This acquisition allowed for the reduction of costs associated with co-branding, by eliminating all franchising fees, as well as allowing direct sales assistance from the parent company. Today, a well trained sales force works with each customer, providing assistance with the ever-growing selection of gourmet items being offered.

Fairfield, NJ, current home of David’s Cookies’ 60,000+ square ft. state of the art facility, is but 15 miles west of New York City.

All products produced by David's Cookies are kosher dairy, and under the supervision of the Orthodox Union of America, unless otherwise specified.

Davids Cookies / Cookie Cupboard
Division of Fairfield Gourmet Foods
12 Commerce Rd. Fairfield NJ 07004
TEL: 1-800-217-2938

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