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Corel sells these products online: Consumer Products: WordPerfect Family Pack, CorelDRAW Essentials and Painter. Business Products: WordPerfect Office, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, Painter, Ventura, Designer and FlowCharter.

With the introduction of CorelDRAW® in 1989, Corel Corporation helped to define computer-created graphics. Throughout the years, the company has continued to demonstrate its commitment to expanding the creative boundaries of its customers by creating software and services that simplify and accelerate the exchange of information and ideas.

Founded in 1985, Corel Corporation has earned an international reputation for excellence and innovation in software design. Building on the enduring appeal of its award-winning CorelDRAW® and WordPerfect® Office Suite, the company has combined its proven capabilities with new technologies to provide a unique category of software solutions and services. Corel's goal is to give customers the power to create, exchange and instantly interact with visual content that is always relevant, accurate and available.

Capitalizing on the company's expertise in content creation and support for open standards, Corel provides solutions and services that deliver improved efficiencies. The company combines leading content creation and intelligent graphics applications with the world's premier XML editing technology. Designed to meet the needs of global organizations in the automotive, telecommunication, financial, legal, technology and government sectors, Corel's enterprise solutions reduce content creation costs, maximize content reuse and accelerate productivity, giving customers a significant competitive advantage.

Corel's portfolio of exceptional graphics solutions addresses the needs of creative and technical design professionals. These solutions include CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, Corel® Painter™, KnockOut, and Corel® DESIGNER™, a product that delivers maximum precision for the creation of technical drawings. In addition, the company has recently introduced a new graphics application designed specifically for the Tablet PC: Corel® Grafigo™.

Within the enterprise market, Corel offers powerful business solutions that are widely deployed, particularly within the government and legal sectors. Best known for its WordPerfect suite of office applications, Corel also provides XML-based content solutions, such as Corel® XMetaL®, and as part of the publishing tools in Corel Ventura®. Additionally, Corel offers a suite of highly specialized business process management tools, including iGrafx® FlowCharter™, iGrafx® Process™, iGrafx® Process™ for Six Sigma, iGrafx® Process Central and iGrafx® IDEF0®.

Every day, millions of customers depend on Corel software solutions to capture and communicate their ideas—across platforms, across devices and across continents. While these customers may have different priorities and demands, they are united in their need for software and solutions that accelerate their productivity, amplify the impact of their ideas and give them a competitive edge. With its global headquarters in Ottawa, Canada, and offices around the world, Corel continues to build its presence internationally through regionally based teams in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and Asia-Pacific.


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