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Vintage Glass - Vintage glass beads from Germany, Japan, Italy, Czechoslavakia. Many are handmade, and all are hard to find. Most bead lovers have a special vault in their hearts reserved just for vintage glass beads. When you look at these beads, I think you'll understand why.

Czech Glass - The great news is that the Czech Republic is now innovating like crazy, refurbishing old molds, experimenting with new colors and finishes. We stock the best of the new ideas in Czech glass beads, including a great garden collection, as well as the classics.

Lampwork Beads - Special beads for the focal points of your designs. Made one at time, these beads possess a quality that only handmade things have - the mark of the hand. We direct import these Lampwork glass beads, and the bicolor spirals are an exclusive design of ours.

Seed Beads - Join the Great Debate! Which seed beads do you prefer - Japanese or Czech? We stock them both, offering a great color and style selection. The size 9 three cut Czech seed beads are a treat, as are the new purples and finishes in the Japanese seed beads.

We delight in glass beads. the old, the unusual, the handmade. We know them when we see them, by the color, the cut, the mark of the hand. We bring these treasures to the internet.

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