Advertise on has joined with the newest and most exciting way to pay through email on the internet!  PayPal will accept your credit card payment online for FREE and will send it to us!  Their site is TOTALLY secure and safe!  Choose the plan that you are interested in, go to and send your payment to [cleftstone] [@] []



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Before or after you send the monies through PayPal, be sure to send your site information that you would like to include.  If ordering the Standard or Premium programs, please check with us about availability.  



This is how paypal works

Action Information entered

1. Andy logs on to and registers (or logs into his current account).

2. Andy sends $50 to CLEFTSTONE by registering his credit card and entering CLEFTSTONE's email address And the amount ($50).

3. Andy's credit card is charged $50 and CLEFTSTONE's account is credited with the $50.

ALL transactions are totally and completely secure!!